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Embrace your inner collector and get money doing it! Rimaunangis Sdn. Bhd. is the first agriculture company to incorporate agriculture business with Metaverse. Our NFT collection comes with an investment program that will provide long-term stability and lucrative income.
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After being established as an agriculture company in Malaysia for more than 10 years, Rimaunangis is taking the next step by expanding it’s business into the Metaverse. Equipped with IOT-driven intelligent system, Rimaunangis Sdn. Bhd. is ready to make history on being the first to incorporate unique digital collectibles backed with real agriculture assets. Our clients will be granted with access to our platform with real-time updates on their assets which will be projected on their personal dashboard.

Throughout history, we’ve sought ownership of physical objects—there’s a certain charm associated with the real-life qualities of the things we own.


NFT Collectons

Rimaunangis is the first metaverse to have real connect in the real world, feel new experiences of all forms and ideas that are very latest and all original, because this is very suitable as an investment today
Coconut Plantation NFT
Charolais Cattle NFT
Limousin Cattle NFT
Napier Grass Plantation

Our Roadmap

Keep in mind that the, Rimaunangis Roadmap is always subject to change as the project evolves and we explore the connection between cryptocurrency.
Cattle Plantation NFT
Collaboration with Mitra Sangkara Abadi (MSA) from Indonesia, RNT believes that blockchain technology can be a solution in financial inclusion for farmers and ranchers throughout Malaysia.
Resort Plantation NFT
This is a merger of traditional and digital businesses in one unit. Supported by a team from PT Bumi Meta Indonesia, SangkaraLand RNT will be the first overseas partner to tokenize its traditional business.
Ecosystem token
Ecosystem with a blockchain share business objectives and processes. Rimaunangis cut costly, time-consuming processes, gain access to new infrastructure of investors and liquidity new technology.
IOT Cattle monitoring
Enabling IoT Remote Crop and Livestock Monitoring Smart farming solutions enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) empowers farmers to optimize crop yields and livestock health.

meet our team

Rimaunangis SDN BHD is powered by a globally distributed team of Designers, Engineers, Marketers and Leadership
Dato Muhamad Firdaus Bin Azhar
Dato' Muhamad Firdaus Bin Azhar
Executive Chairman
Dato Abdul Haadi Bin Azhar
Dato' Abdul Haadi
Bin Azhar
Chief Executive Officer
Amirul Nashriq Aminuddin
Amirul Nashriq Aminuddin
Head Business Development
Mohd Aris Bin Alias
Mohd Aris
Bin Alias
Project Management Office